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*Plus a one-time non-refundable processing fee of $20.00.

Careshield Identity Protection

"The average victim can expect to spend $500 dollars and 30 hours on average resolving each identity theft crime."

-Kimberly Alt, 7 Alarming Identity Theft Statistics, SafeSmartliving

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Complete Identity and Privacy Protection

Did you know that identity theft is on the rise and is very difficult to recover from? CareShield offers state of the art tools to protect your identity and provides restoration services in the event that identity theft does occur. Our experts will work to completely restore you to pre-theft status and have a 100% success rate. With CareShield, you're completely protected.

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*Plus a one-time non-refundable processing fee of $20.00.



  • 24/7 monitoring of your credit history with real-time detection of fraud and threats
  • Full Service Identity Restoration if Identity theft occurs
  • Personal VPN and secure email to protect you when connected to public Wifi
  • Secure online vault for protecting digital documents
  • Full Service Legal plan for wills, trusts, and other legal matters
  • On demand - Personalized Financial counseling
  • One low price for you and your family members



How can I keep my identity safe?

Statistics show that every two seconds, there's a new victim of identity fraud. Careington is able to provide our members with the protection they need through the CareShield Plan. This identity theft plan is a personalized service that provides proactive education, risk-reduction strategies, identity theft protection, privacy management and unlimited, 24/7 resolution support to help fight identity theft and fraud.

What can I do to restore my identity?

Careshield doesn't just hand you a binder of instructions on how to resolve your concerns about identity theft. Instead, the staff works with you and on your behalf to provide step-by-step solutions customized to your individual situation. The resolution center is staffed with experienced fraud resolution specialists and investigators who are available day and night to assist you in reclaiming your identity.

My identity was stolen - what do I do?

When a concern arises, CareShield is there for your support. From a lost wallet to stolen documents to assistance with social media privacy settings, CareShield provides the personalized service to help you manage your identity throughout life. If you suspect fraudulent activity or the CareShield program detects any discrepancies, don't hesitate to call our support team 24/7 for unlimited resolution assistance. CareShield enables you to have access to a team of dedicated experts who work tirelessly on your behalf to restore your good name. And with support for every member of your household, the program offers exceptional value over other membership-based services.

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THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE and is not intended to replace health insurance.
This program is not available in Vermont.

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