Save on Identity Theft Protection, Legal Advice and more

with Careington's CareShield Discount Plan

Created to help protect you from identity theft with monitoring and restoration services, the Careington CareShield plan helps you save on legal and financial counseling services, too. It's the perfect package to provide the protection you need.


Identity Theft Restoration

IDX Logo

IDX is a fully managed identity theft restoration service that provides the complete coverage identity theft victims expect and need. The IDX team includes experts in every aspect of identity theft, protection, restoration and data breach response management. IDX have a 100% record of success in completely restoring identity theft victims to pre-theft status.

Services of IDX Include:

  • Fully Managed Identity Theft Restoration
  • Certified Identity Restoration Experts
  • One Year of FREE Credit Monitoring for Victims
  • Free ID Theft Restoration for Data Breach Victims
  • Online Education
  • Document Recovery Assistance

IDXP - 8/4/21

Identity Theft Monitoring and Restoration

Allstate Identity Protection Logo

Allstate Identity Protection provides proactive and industry-leading identity monitoring to detect fraud sooner than competitors. The Allstate Identity Protection team includes privacy advocates who are certified and trained experts in identity theft restoration. If you indicate an alert seems suspicious, a privacy advocate will contact you by phone and serve as a dedicated case manager throughout the remediation process.

Allstate Identity Protection Includes:

  • Solicitation Opt-Outs: Allows you to manage and reduce unwanted solicitations, pre-approved credit card offers and junk mail to limit exposure of personal information.
  • Identity Monitoring: Looks for activity that could indicate misuse of your personal information and alerts you to any suspicious activity.
  • Privacy Advocate Restoration: If your identity is compromised, trained experts will review any suspicious activity and take the work off your shoulders to restore your identity to pre-theft status.
  • Wallet Protection and Dark Web Monitoring: Store the contents of your wallet securely for easy recovery should it be lost or stolen. Any information entered here will be monitored on the dark web for potential compromise, and you will be alerted if there is activity on your account.

*The membership plan includes the primary registered member plus up to four additional family members living in the household.

IAIT - 11/06/20

Legal Advice

Legal Club of America

Members and their families will have access to a nationwide network of over 20,000 plan attorneys to provide members with discounted legal services. Plan attorneys have also contracted to charge no more than $125.00 per hour, or 40% off their usual and customary hourly rate, whichever is greater, for legal care that goes beyond the included and discounted services.

Legal Service Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Traffic Ticket Defense $89.00 $199.00
Name Change $155.00 $365.00
Simple Will with Minors Trust $250.00 $530.00
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $750.00 $1,500.00
Non-Support (Spouse/Child) $275.00 $1,490.00
Simple Divorce $275.00 $1,100.00
Regular Incorporation $295.00 $585.00
Personal Real Estate Closing $250.00 $675.00

The fees listed above do not include additional filing fees, costs or administrative expenses. Specific definitions apply. They are only for legal services rendered. Available for legal dependents up to age 25.

LGCA - 12/14/15

Financial Counseling

askAFS logo

Financial counseling on demand provides members with a broad array of practical financial counseling services when they have questions and need assistance.

askAFS services include access to accredited, certified financial counselors by way of a live telephonic counseling helpline and online information, educational and referral resources. Common issues include credit matters, tax questions, home financing, credit card debt, cash flow review, caring for elders, college planning, budgeting, retirement planning, vehicle purchase and many other individual and family financial concerns. askAFS has no products or services to sell.

What does askAFS do?

  • Initial problem assessment
  • Initial problem clarification
  • Problem-solving options
  • Creation of a goal-oriented plan
  • Resources and tools for the plan's solutions and additional education
  • Assistance and support in completing the plan
  • Referrals for assistance as needed
  • Ongoing follow-up and help with additional concerns

ASKF - 1/1/17

Tax services

Tax Rite Logo

Tax Rite provides members with expert tax advice conveniently and instantly by telephone through one-on-one consultations with experienced, professional tax specialists. This valuable service gives you unlimited phone calls and prompt, qualified advice on your tax issues all year long. Our toll free number directly connects you to a tax professional, who is experienced in all aspects of taxation.

Tax Rite provides tax advice for all the stages of your life:

  • Marriage
  • Buying a House
  • Having Children
  • Children in College
  • Starting a business
  • Retirement

Tax Benefits Include:

  • One free tax return per year, each additional return will be at a flat rate of $50.00.
  • Unlimited access to tax professionals year-round
  • Free review of last year's tax return
  • Research of complex tax issues
  • Advice regarding IRS audits and notifications
  • Tax tips for personal and small business owners (sole proprietors)
  • Explanation of tax law changes
  • Translation service for over 140 languages

TRTP - 8/17/10