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Careington CEO Barbara Fasola Featured in Frisco Economic Development Corporation Campaign
Frisco, TX/May 29, 2019

Barbara Fasola, CEO of Careington International Corporation, is one of three Frisco-based executives to be featured in the Frisco Economic Development Corporation "See Yourself in Frisco" campaign. Fasola is proud to call Frisco home and is honored to be part of this nationwide campaign.

Fasola has been with Careington for more than 30 years and has served as CEO since 2000. In the 19 years since her appointment as CEO, she has helped forge Careington's reputation as a solutions-oriented market leader in the U.S. and abroad. As one of the nation's largest non-insured, direct-pay discount dental and health care product aggregators and administrators, Careington provides more than 15 million members with nationwide access to Careington's networks, products and services.

"The City of Frisco promotes business, innovation, inclusion and diversity, which has helped make it possible for us to not only expand our business model, but also attract and retain a strong staff of tenured, experienced and engaged employees," said Fasola. In 2001, Careington moved its then Dallas-based offices to Frisco as one of the first corporations to break ground on a Frisco-based headquarters. Then, Careington had less than 50 employees. Today, Careington boasts more than 400 employees.

Frisco shares Careington's ideals when it comes to women in business. "I never grew up thinking women couldn't achieve. I was raised to believe that gender doesn't matter," said Fasola. With a female CEO, CFO, CIO, co-owner and general counsel, much of the company's executive and management teams are women. Fasola hopes to inspire other women to advance in their careers and rise to any potential challenges they face along the way.

Fasola is CEO of Careington's multiple affiliates and brands, including Careington Benefit Solutions, a nationally licensed Third Party Administrator; Munroe Sutton, a first-of-its-kind dental plan model in the U.K.; and DialCare, an innovative new telemedicine company. Beyond her role as CEO, she also serves on the FEDC board of directors and is currently the only female board member. Inspired by her father, a World War II veteran, Fasola also founded and chairs the non-profit Families of World War II Veterans, an organization dedicated to educating a new generation about World War II and honoring its veterans by creating scholarship opportunities for college students.

The "See Yourself in Frisco" campaign features real people doing real things in Frisco. There's a reason why Fasola and companies like Careington want to do business in Frisco! Follow along with her campaign by visiting www.friscoedc.com/barbara-fasola.

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