Amanda Rinker Horton
Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

About Amanda Rinker Horton

Amanda "Mandy" Rinker Horton serves as Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel for Careington International Corporation and its affiliate companies, including Careington Benefit Solutions, DialCare and Munroe Sutton. She has been with Careington since 2010. Mrs. Horton advises Careington's executive team and works closely with our in-house Sales, Marketing and Compliance teams to review contracts and agreements, evaluate new marketing plans, mitigate risk and ensure legal efficiency. She hires and directs outside counsel, manages litigation and advises on high-level human resources matters. Mrs. Horton also oversees Careington's Compliance department and serves as chair of the Careington Compliance Committee where she works with Information Systems, Human Resources, Marketing and Compliance departments to ensure all appropriate data and employee security protocols are achieved, whether required by federal and state laws and regulations, industry standards or client requirements. She also helps to review all new vendors to ensure they comply with Careington's high standards of data privacy and security.

Additionally, Mrs. Horton is a member of the Careington Board of Directors and contributes to Careington's overall corporate goals and policies. Mrs. Horton was selected as a recipient of the 2020 PACE Chairman's Award for distinguished leadership.

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